Screenwriting Fundamentals UCLA
Shakespeares. English Kings. Student Nick Garcia
Principle of ACTING II. Student. LMC
Principle of ACTING. Student. Los Medanos College
The Film As an Art Form. Student. Los Medanos College
The Art of Documentary Filmmaking. Student. Los Medanos College
Chicano Cinema: A Critical Analysis. Student. Los Medanos College
Principles of Improvisation and Movement. Los Medanos College. Mrs Zilber-Smith


I (Almost) Got Away With It, Speaking Role, ID Discovery
Honest 2 Goodness Pilot, Lead, Director Noah Rappaport

Too Perfect, Bad Boy II (speaking role), Director Julie Rubio

Lazarex Cancer Foundation, Extra, J.E. Smith - Lost Road Entertainment

"Chinet" In People Mag. Aug 2010, Football Player, Tom Hoynes Producer, Stephanie Rausser Photographer

Star Trek Murder Mystery, Doug, Director Nick Garcia
Sci Fy Guys,Doug, Director Nick Garcia
Guys and Dolls, Big Jule, Director Phyllis Gurnett

College and Grad School Info to come

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This is not my singing voice.

I have lost some weight since this was shot.